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10/29/2021 01:47:08 PM


Rabbi Weinberg's Blog


03/26/2022 11:11:04 PM


Rabbi Weinberg

This morning’s Torah portion begins with the phrase, “Vayihi ba’yom HaShimini.” The Israelites celebrated the consecration of the tabernacle, the Mishkan, the portable place of prayer for eight days. Then, suddenly at the height of everyone’s celebration Aaron’s two sons, Nadav and Avihu died. As priests, they had not followed the strict instructions associated with their role as priests.Read more...

May we all Live and Die with our Own "N'Vo" - Shemini Atzeret Yizkor Sermon

09/28/2021 04:10:19 PM


Rabbi Weinberg

One of my oldest memories of Israel, beyond the city of Jerusalem is Kibbutz Degania. A beautiful agricultural development community, it is located on the southern shore of the Kinneret, the Sea of Galilee. There, in a lovely setting is the final resting place of some of Israel’s finest artists, including, Naomi Shemer, Rachel Bluwstein, and Berl Katznelson. Situated in this tranquil setting where the Sea of Galilee empties into the River...Read more...

A shot in the arm speaks volumes about our Jewish Tradition - Yizkor Sermon

09/15/2021 03:56:28 PM


Rabbi Weinberg

American flags flew everywhere. Who does not remember the flag placed above a pile of rubble at the Twin Towers crash site by the proud and determined members of the NYPD? In recollections over the past few weeks, descriptions of patriotism overwhelmed the story lines. Family after family spoke of the generational zeal- near obsession- to serve our country. In the police department, the fire department, in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or...Read more...

The Blessing of Vulnerability

09/06/2021 03:45:16 PM


Rabbi Weinberg

There she was ready to spring into action- the darling of Spring, Texas. Who wasn’t aware that the GOAT of gymnastics was about to extend her extraordinary capacity to demonstrate the impossible?

Simone Biles explained to her teammates after a disappointing vault on the first apparatus, “I can’t compete- you go on without me.”

Who did not feel for that young woman? She had trained to be in the best condition of her...Read more...

How Free Am I? - Parshat Sh'mini

04/10/2021 11:56:01 AM


Rabbi Weinberg

Tomorrow marks the 60th anniversary of the commencement of Adolf Eichmann’s trial.  The World War II fugitive who attempted to escape his fate- fleeing to the welcoming beauty of Argentina with assistance from the Catholic Church- would be brought to justice in the city of peace- Yerushalayim.  Apprehended by a team of Mossad and Shin Bet agents, Eichmann was flown to Israel where his trial would begin...Read more...

We Must Choose Sinai Over Auschwitz - Yom HaShoah Remarks

04/08/2021 11:52:55 AM


Rabbi Weinberg

To view the full Yom HaShoah program featuring Rabbi Weinberg and Kol Rina, please click here.

Thank you, Mary Pat, and thank you for all you do to represent the Jewish community as the President and CEO of the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum.  The museum and its mission to educate the next generation is needed now more than ever. 

Our world is reeling.  The pandemic has shocked us.  The political...Read more...

We Will Sing Again - Pesah Yizkor Sermon

04/04/2021 12:23:18 PM


Rabbi Weinberg

I grew-up in a small town, of 2000 people in northern Michigan.  We belonged to the Jewish community in Bay City- 60 miles away- where there were about 200 Jewish families.  My hometown, West Branch was amongst the last communities in the country to receive dial telephone- that seems so very ancient to acknowledge today! 

I remember my mother calling the operator in...

Rabbi Weinberg's Friday Evening Drasha 

01/10/2021 11:22:31 AM


Dear haverim,

I shared the following words with the congregation this past Friday night at our Shabbat service.  The week that was terribly difficult for so many of us, and I attempted to add some perspective to what we saw and experienced as a country.  May we find the courage to move forward, making wise choices as we strive to leave our mark on the legacy of this...Read more...

A Special Message About the Menorah Project

12/22/2020 07:51:29 PM


Rabbi Weinberg


Dear Haverim,
We introduced the ‘Menorah Project- Let There Be Light’ during our High Holy Days this past fall.  Designed to aesthetically enhance our sanctuary while helping us raise the funds needed to...Read more...

Anshai Torah Israel Bonds Appeal

12/03/2020 04:47:09 PM


Rabbi Weinberg

Dear Haverim,

President John F. Kennedy, speaking to the ZOA in 1962 asserted, “Israel was not created in order to disappear - Israel will endure and flourish. It is the child of hope and the home of the brave. It can neither be broken by adversity nor demoralized by success.  It carries the shield of democracy and it honors the sword of freedom.”

In typical beautiful language, President Kennedy reflects on the...

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