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Anshai Online - Virtual Minyanim, study and Zoom link

03/17/2020 12:00:00 AM


Dear haverim,
I think we are all beginning to acknowledge this is not going to be a short-term fight.  The CDC has encouraged us to think in terms of eight weeks and we all know this could be considerably longer.  Each one of us has to do our part and I am confident we can accept our role with grace and grit. 
As you can imagine we have been hard at work at the shul, striving to assimilate the new norm.  We have attempted to arrange things so as to maximize our exposure to you, our membership, and ensure that we will continue to be present to support each and every member to the very best of our ability. 
I want to share the following set of initiatives with you.
  • We will begin a regular weekday schedule of virtual daily minyanim starting tomorrow, morning, Wednesday, March 18.  Our new minyan times during the course of this COVID-19 response will be as follows:  M-F- 7:30am, M-Th- 6:15pm.  Rabbi Kushnick and I will conduct each of these minyanim via ZOOM conferencing.  We will direct everyone how to connect to this service which will enable us to create a virtual minyan, enabling us to pray together, recite kaddish together, and retain a daily connection to our precious shul.  (Please contact the shul if you need a siddur from which to daven.)
  • Rabbi Kushnick has confirmed that each of our children’s Religious School teachers will be preparing weekly lessons for our children that will be transmitted on-line.  Our children’s teachers will be in touch with our children and parents on a weekly basis during this strange period of time.  Additionally, Rabbi Kushnick will read a bedtime story to our children via a ZOOM connection during the course of the week.  (This week at 7:00pm.)
  • Rachel Blum, our Director of Preschool has already begun to send out material to our Preschool parent body, ensuring that the education process continues and our children are given the opportunity to learn and be stimulated in appropriate ways. 
  • My weekly Tanach class held on Thursdays, from 11-12 noon will commence, virtually this week on Thursday, March 19.  Participation in the class will be extended to anyone who chooses to join us via the ZOOM connection. 
  • Both our men’s and women’s popular Pre-Pesah programs had to be cancelled.  Both sessions will be distilled into material that will be distributed to the congregation, enabling everyone to utilize the material for Pesah seder table discussions. 
  • Both Rabbi Kushnick and I realize that this most recent set of guidelines imposed upon our community will, undoubtedly greatly affect our Passover plans.  We are in the midst of addressing this set of needs and will offer a variety of opportunities for people to focus on Seder evening plans.
  • Finally, we are ready to launch a special program to ensure every congregant is “touched,” by members of the congregation.  We have received a number of offers from members to assist those who may be in-need of goods, food, deliveries, etc.  We are attempting to determine who needs what and identify who is ready to step forward and assist others at this time of significant need.  Elaine Levitt, chair of our Hesed Committee (deeds of kindness) has graciously offered to guide us in this effort.  Please contact Elaine at 214 783 4000/ you have items to donate, time to offer, or wish to help us ensure that our membership is cared for during this demanding period of time.  Additionally, please let Elaine or the shul know if you know of someone who could use some assistance.
  • Please follow these instructions for our shul-wide ZOOM (link) connection.  We look forward to staying in touch and furthering the many programs of study and growth that have been temporarily interrupted.
We will communicate plans for Shabbat in a separate email.
Have a good evening and stay safe.  Practice good hygiene and encourage all in your family to do the same.  We want to keep everyone safe and secure.
Rabbi Stefan Weinberg
Rabbi Michael Kushnick
Thu, April 15 2021 3 Iyyar 5781