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Anshai Torah Israel Bonds Appeal

12/03/2020 04:47:09 PM


Rabbi Weinberg

Dear Haverim,

President John F. Kennedy, speaking to the ZOA in 1962 asserted, “Israel was not created in order to disappear - Israel will endure and flourish. It is the child of hope and the home of the brave. It can neither be broken by adversity nor demoralized by success.  It carries the shield of democracy and it honors the sword of freedom.”

In typical beautiful language, President Kennedy reflects on the destiny of the Jewish people.  He acknowledges both the unforgettable past and the promise of our future.

You and I are among the fortunate generations to witness the return of our people to our homeland. 

Together, we have watched a nation re-born.  As Jews living in the Diaspora we have supported the people of Israel with an unbreakable bond of dedication.  That bond of trust has extended from imagining the creation of the modern state of Israel to the constant influx of people, money and materials for much of the past 125 years.

This note represents our shul’s Israel Bonds Appeal for 5781.  Acknowledging the challenges associated with our High Holy Days of this past fall I turn to you now to demonstrate the continued support we share for the land of our people.  Anshai Torah has a proud history of supporting Medinat Yisrael with our hard-earned dollars- this year is no different.

As we continue to struggle with the effects of COVID 19, Israel, too has been compelled to find its way through the maze of conflicting concerns associated with the pandemic.  Having had to shut down the country over the holidays, the enduring presence of crowds demonstrating against the country’s leadership, the near- total cessation of tourism, and the related social pressures of the pandemic, Israel needs our financial support today as much as ever.  Israel Bonds has an unmatched record of investing in the Israeli economy, and you and I have the privilege of being significant supporters of that effort, especially this year in light of its unprecedented challenges.

Please, join me in making our yearly commitment to the one country in the world that will always welcome us Jews, precisely because we are Jewish.  The miracle of our time deserves our support.  May each of us- those who have given for a lifetime and those for whom this year’s bond will be the first venture into this kind of an investment- know that we are demonstrating our support for one of history’s most exceptional stories.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to say to your children and grandchildren- I was part of the success story, unmatched throughout history!

I thank you, in advance for your choice to support this year’s Israel Bonds campaign.  Please click on one of the attached buttons to indicate your level of support this year.

Shalom u’veracha,

Rabbi Stefan J Weinberg

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Wed, August 17 2022 20 Av 5782