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Congregation Anshai Torah

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Joining a Chavurah Today

Anshai Torah's Chavurah Program

Congregation Anshai Torah’s Chavurah program provides the opportunity for our members to get to  know one another both inside and outside the synagogue. It affords Jewish and social experiences for  all who participate. Our Chavurah program celebrates Jewish life.
By joining with others in our congregation, whether in study, sharing in Shabbat and holidays, socializing, or sharing life cycle events, members enrich their Jewish experiences. Our chavurot will  also be involved in congregational activities, thus enhancing your synagogue membership.

What is Chavurah?

Chavurah, whose plural chavurot translates as fellowship, comes from the Hebrew word chaver (friend). Each chavurah is a group of congregational members, adults, families, couples or singles, who join together to socialize and to enjoy the riches of Jewish life. The chavurah becomes for many an extended family.

What Does a Chavurah Do? 

Each chavurah decides on its own mix of socializing, Jewish celebrations, study, and synagogue activities.

When and where does a Chavurah meet? 

A chavurah typically meets monthly, sometimes in members’ homes or wherever a specific activity is taking place. Each chavurah decides on its own dates, times, and program content.

How Large is a Chavurah? 

Chavurot vary in size; singles groups may opt for twenty members, while family groups may decide that ten families is optimum. Some chavurot might prefer smaller numbers.

Why Join a Chavurah? 

Joining a chavurah provides an opportunity for friendship, involvement, self-growth, and a feeling of true belonging. The Chavurah Program is designed to bring together congregants with similar interests. It provides the opportunity for members to get to know one another outside the synagogue while building relationships within the synagogue. When in synagogue you have a greater sense of belonging if your chavurah friends are there with you.

How do I Join a CAT Chavurah?

Please complete the application below. Chavurot will be formed based on the information provided. A chavurah will be formed when sufficient numbers of applications listing similar interests are received. You will then have an opportunity to meet the prospective group members and decide if it is the right fit for you.

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