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Tu B'Shvat 

“The strength of the tree is in its roots. Without these roots, the tree cannot flourish; it cannot survive. So, too, it is for the Jewish people. We must have strong roots. And these roots bind us not only to the past, but also to one another. When together we celebrate Tu B’Shvat, we join our roots to the roots of the primordial tree, the quarry from which all souls are hewn.”

~Bialer Rebbe

Monday is Tu B’Shvat, the New Year of the Trees. Since 1901, the Jewish National Fund has been caring for the natural environment of Israel.  Especially engaged in the act of planting trees, JNF has changed the landscape of Israel for the past one hundred plus years.  Defined today by its water reclamation projects and countless efforts to heighten concern for Israel’s natural resources JNF continues to make an extraordinary mark on the land of Israel.    Join us as we make our yearly commitment to maintain the green luster that defines the land of Israel.  Support our Anshai Torah Religious School and JNF by clicking here - add your name to the many Jews across the world who deepen their connection to the land of Israel through contributions to JNF.   


Spread the love. Plant trees.

Planting trees in Israel is a beautiful way to show you care for the Earth. Moreover, it connects us to the land of Israel and plants roots of hope and optimism in its future. Today is Tu B'Shvat, the New Year for Trees, and there is no better day to celebrate than by planting trees in Israel.



If YOU are a forward-thinker with the wisdom and maturity of both the present and past, JOIN US!

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If making a real contribution to OUR Anshai Torah and the larger Jewish community is important to you, JOIN US!


Yes, we are dedicated to maintaining our physical and mental health.

Yes, we cherish our children and generations before and after.

Yes, we support the Shul and those in need.

Yes, we are all 55+ (or a spouse thereof).

Yes, we love to sing and dance.

Yes, we need YOU to JOIN US!


For only $20.00 per person per year, we invite YOU to JOIN US! as we share new

experiences and enjoy our passion for life together - whatever the event or activity.


You can join Hazak by any of the following:

1. When you renew your membership in Anshai Torah you will have the opportunity to


2. Logon at and

sign-up to JOIN US!

3. Contact Josh Socolof (, 972-898-4960) or Sheila Brown

(, 214-705-9504) and tell them you want to JOIN US!


Address questions to and receive additional information from Hazak President,

David Intebi, at or 214-668-7972.

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                                                          RECENT HAZAK ACTIVITIES






Members of Hazak led all aspects of the Service and hosted a delicious Kiddush Lunch. 

Additional donors celebrating milestone events included:

Dianne Yaris - Engagement of Grandson

Hal Babitch - 80th Birthday

Sandy Crook - 80th Birthday


                                                         UPCOMING HAZAK ACTIVITIES


All Activities will be conducted via Zoom until further notice

Please click on the activity on the Anshai Torah Calendar to register or reply to email invites.



Stayed tuned for further details



♦  PLANO CLARINET CHOIR - Rescheduling for APRIL 2022





Out of This World - Event - Congregation Anshai Torah

 For additional program information, contact: Hal Babitch jhtpbab( or, 469-766-0774j

                                 ANSHAI TORAH and  HAZAK NEED YOU AT MINYAN!

Many families are saying Kaddish due to a recent loss or annual remembrance. As YOU need the support of 9 others when it’s YOUR time to say Kaddish, it is OUR privilege and obligation to support others with regular Minyan attendance. Send an email to with the date and whether you will attend the morning or evening service. We will be there for YOU!  Until further notice evening minyanim are via Zoom and morning minyans are either in person or via Zoom.  Login to for details.

Join us for HAPPY HOUR every Wednesday at 5:45PM.  We meet each Wednesday 30 minutes before the start of minyan.  So bring you favorite food and/or drink, relax and SCHMOOZE! Then stay to join the minyan.

Give it a try, meet your friends on Zoom & chat!

Everyone Can Join Zoom Happy Hour via Zoom:


Do you know a member who is recovering from an illness? Please contact  Sandy Crook to have a get-well card sent from Hazak. Also, please inform Risa Diamond if you know of someone who is in the hospital or recuperating and would like some company or a visit.

2021 - 2022 Officers and Directors

 President: David Intebi

 Past President: Phil Balis

 Vice President: Sandy Balis

 Treasurer: Josh Socolof

 Secretary: Denise Pollis

 Programming: Hal Babitch, Morrie Weinman, Gilda Zucker

 Publicity: Open

 Membership: Sheila Brown

 Communications (Shul Cloud): Josh Socolof

Committees and Their Members

 Sunshine: Sandy Crook

 Sunshine Support: Risa Diamond

 Historian: Sandy Balis, Sheila Brown

 Phone Committee: Sonia Goodman, Amy Leibowitz, Jackie Fleschman

    Interested in becoming a board member or just want to get more involved, please email us at

Mon, January 24 2022 22 Shevat 5782