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The Hesed Committee is a group of multi generational volunteers who bring love and kindness in times of need to Anshai Torah congregants. Our volunteers create community, companionship and comfort when congregants need assistance. Hesed is considered the "heart" of our congregation, reaching out to touch and make a difference in the lives of others. Hesed is an ongoing "mitzvah" at Anshai Torah. We continuously accept volunteers and have various opportunities from "on going" to even "one time" actions.

What we do:

  • Prepare and deliver both kosher and non kosher meals 
  • Make hospital and home visits 
  • Make phone calls to check on the progress of those who are ill or preparing for surgery 
  • Write get well and condolence cards 
  • Lovingly prepare the home in times of Bereavement 

With additional volunteers, we strive to add services such as offering transportation to Anshai Torah for weekly services, rides to doctor appointments, creating a knitting group for hospital needs, and baking for various needs. 

Contact Elaine Levitt with your interest at or 214 783 4000  

This is a wonderful volunteer opportunity for everyone because of the flexible attributes of the program.  You can sign up to provide one meal or a thousand meals! Or can make one visit or many visits.  The Hesed Committee welcomes your time to volunteer in what ever way best suits your schedule.  We are grateful for your generous donations which help to cover the cost of some of our services. You can donate on line or call Anshai Torah at 972-473-7718.  For online donations, please click here: Anshai Torah Donation Page .

From our own Rabbi Stefan Weinberg, 
"Deeds of loving kindness-gilut khasadim- are superior to deeds of charity-tzakah!  Our rabbis taught this concept two thousand years ago and it has never been more true than today. Tzedakah is given with our possessions, The money for which we have worked so diligently, while gilut khasadim, deeds of loving kindness, are accomplished by the giving of ourselves, as well as through the giving of our possessions. Gilut khasadim is a staple upon which a caring and  supportive community must be constructed. Some of the finest characteristics that define us as human beings, concerned about each other welfare, are embedded in the acts we know as gilut khasadim."

Tue, March 21 2023 28 Adar 5783