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Keynote Address, Sunday, February 6  @ 7:30 pm

"What is America to American Jews: At Home in this Other Promised Land"

If Israel is our “homeland,” how should we relate to America?  The Jewish community seems at home in America today while life is flourishing in the Jewish State of Israel – a unique moment in history. How does this paradox enrich our understanding of the American Jewish experience while adding nuance and sophistication to our relationship to Israel? 

Lunch & Learn, Monday, February 7 @ noon

"The Transformations of American Judaism: Between Revolution and Evolution"

American Jewish life is undergoing a series of revolutions – in identity (who is a Jew?), in ideology (what is Judaism?), and in infrastructure (which institutions define Jewish life?). As a result, our communities struggle to keep pace with the changes around us. Join us for a deep dive into these changes and how might we design a Judaism and a Jewish community that can thrive in America today.

*Sponsor Discussion with Dr. Kurtzer, Monday, February 7 @7:30 pm 

"American Jews, Antisemitism and Allyship: The Future of American Jewish Politics"

The American experience has been one of at-homeness, but the ever-present specter of antisemitism has not gone away. The American Jewish community is struggling today with its collective identity. In this evening’s conversation, we discuss the challenges facing American Jews in today’s America.



SIR Presented by: Janice & Dr. Art Weinberg  Cindy & Dr. Mitch Moskowitz, Cathy & Dr. Joel Brook

Ner Tamid Sponsors:  Debbie and Manuel Rajunov

Chair, Warren Harmel

About SIR

The Arnie Sweet Scholar-In-Residence program at Anshai Torah is held in memory of Arnie Sweet, who was a greatly admired leader of the Dallas Jewish community for many years.  Previous Scholars have included R. Bradley Artson, Daniel Gordis, Yossi Klein HaLevi, R. Yitz Greenberg, R. Ed Feinstein, R Donniel Hartman, R. Sharon Brous, Dr Deborah Lipstadt, David Makovsky, R.Naomi Levy and R. Brad Hirschfield

Wed, August 17 2022 20 Av 5782