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SIR 2024, A Weekend with Laura Shaw Frank

Our Weekend With Dr. Shaw Frank Includes:

Friday, January 26: Lunch and Learn - Miriam the Changemaker: How One Little Girl Saved the Whole Jewish People

This week’s Torah portion gives us a tantalizing glimpse into the personality of Moses’s sister Miriam, as we see her gather the women in song after God parts the Red Sea and saves the Israelites from the Egyptians. But it takes some digging to discover the backstory of this fierce, brave, and transformational woman. Come and learn how the young Miriam was actually the savior of the whole Jewish people, and what that has to do with her exultant song on the banks of the Red Sea. Click here for our sourcesheet.

Friday, January 26: Shabbat Dinner Keynote Address - Jewish Resilience: A Recipe for a Thriving  Jewish People

We are currently living through perhaps the hardest time for Jews since the Holocaust. Between the horrors of October 7th, the war between Israel and Hamas, and skyrocketing antisemitism all over the world, many of us have felt a deep sense of despair over the past few months. As we struggle to see a path forward, we can and must draw strength from understanding how Jews have faced and survived insurmountable challenges in the past. 

Saturday, January 27: Shabbat Kiddush Luncheon Discussion Q/A - American Universities and the Jews: In Search of a Path Forward

In this moment of surging antisemitism in America, college campuses have been ground zero. What should be done to ensure Jewish safety on campus? Is there even a hope for a better tomorrow? A view and dialogue from the front lines.

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About SIR

The Arnie Sweet Scholar-In-Residence program at Anshai Torah is held in memory of Arnie Sweet, who was a greatly admired leader of the Dallas Jewish community for many years. Previous Scholars have included Rabbi Bradley Artson, Daniel Gordis, Yossi Klein Halevi, 
R. Yitz Greenberg, R. Ed Feinstein, R. Donniel Hartman, R. Sharon Brous, Dr. Deborah Lipstadt, David Makovsky,
R. Naomi Levy, R. Brad Hirschfield, Yehuda Kurtzer and R. Dr. Jonathan K. Crane

Presented by: Janice Sweet Weinberg & Art Weinberg,

Cathy Sweet Brook & Joel Brook,

Cindy Sweet Moskowitz & Mitch Moskowitz

Our 2024 Scholar

We are pleased to share that our Arnie Sweet Scholar-In-Residence scholar will be Dr. Laura Shaw Frank. Dr. Shaw Frank serves as the Director of AJC's William Petschek Contemporary Jewish Life Department. Click here for Dr. Shaw Frank's full bio.

Fri, May 24 2024 16 Iyyar 5784