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Join us for High Holy Days 2023-5784 at Anshai Torah. Be Inspired!

High Holy Days 2023 - 5784 at Congregation Anshai Torah

We excitedly anticipate the arrival of 5784 in a few short weeks. We are busy preparing sermons, waxing floors, welcoming teachers, and coordinating all our efforts for an exciting start to the New Year.

We look forward to introducing our visiting Hazanit for S’lichot -Natalia Arazi- from Buenos Aires, our guest speaker for Sukkot - Dara Horn (author of People Love Dead Jews), our Arnie Sweet Scholar in Residence - Dr. Laura Shaw Frank (AJC Director of Contemporary Life), and celebrating our 25th anniversary on the weekend of March 2, 2024! We will acknowledge the extraordinary contribution of our Gabbai, Farzin Bakhshian while welcoming our fellow Conservative congregants to Anshai Torah for S’lichot

Most importantly, we welcome you. We look forward to davening with you, studying with you, engaging in social action projects with you, and creating the bonds that define a shul as a "k’hillah kedoshah - a holy community."

It is difficult to acknowledge we have been engaged in this holy endeavor of building a shul community for 25 years! Together, we have shared countless poignant moments and welcomed so many to our community. 

As we embrace the second quarter century of our journey, we pray every member of our shul feels they have a stake in our future. Your voice, your presence, and your input define us. You are who we are, and we invite you to help us move forward with enthusiasm and resoluteness.

As the New Year of 5784 dawns, we pray that a new age of reconciliation will define our family members in Israel. Our entire world is struggling through a difficult time; we are so quick to find fault with each other. May the New Year present us with the opportunity to hear the voice of reason, to quell the rancor across our nation, and present us with the blessing of peace, understanding, and love.

We look forward to seeing you.

Shana Tova Tikateivu, 

Rabbi Stefan J. Weinberg                                              Rabbi Michael Kushnick

Beth Berk, President                                                     Chris Cheniae, Executive Director

Fri, June 21 2024 15 Sivan 5784