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Welcome to Israel!

12/29/2022 03:38:40 PM


Rabbi Michael Kushnick

After a long day of travel and layovers in Istanbul, Miami, and New York, 26 members of the Anshai Torah Israel trip met in Tel Aviv.  We gathered in the lobby of our hotel and lit Chanukah candles.  As if on cue, the hotel pianist started playing Chanukah songs.  After lighting candles, Jordana Weinberg led us into the heart of Tel Aviv, where we found delicious food for dinner.  Some of us even tried some Israeli...Read more...

Israel Trip Day Two

12/28/2022 12:53:13 PM


Sarah Rosen and Crew

Boker tov, Anshai!

Day Three

12/27/2022 04:26:55 PM


Jill Saravay, Talia Kushnick’s Mother

We start our first day in Jerusalem!  Our day began with an act of Hesed at Yad LaKasish, Lifeline for the Elderly.  Having begun in 1962 by Miriam Mendelow, this organization cares for 200 older people every day.  The average age is 80.  All are below the poverty line and receive a daily hot meal and assistance from governmental social workers. Many are Holocaust survivors while some are from Ethiopia, the former Soviet...Read more...

Day Four

12/26/2022 03:01:42 PM


Kim Velevis

Boker tov!  Our day began its a typical Israeli style breakfast which is an amazing buffet filled with everything from eggs, borekas,salads, breads, and babka- I could go on and on.  Hopped on the bus at 8:30 to head to Brit Guvrin to participate in...Read more...

Day Five

12/25/2022 03:08:23 PM


Marco Rodriguez

I will give them in My house and in My walls a place and a name…an everlasting name which will not be discontinued. Isaiah 56:5 Our visit to Israel’s Holocaust memorial park, Yad Vashem, reminded us of HaShem’s promise to give us all the land of Canaan for eternity, as well as the need for Israel to be a Jewish homeland. First, we looked at the greenery featuring trees dedicated to the...Read more...

Day Six

12/24/2022 03:10:18 PM


Ashley Acks

After so much exploring over the past few days we were all able to slow down just in time for our Shabbat in Israel. We gathered in the lobby of the hotel for a few minutes to prepare for Shabbat.  We then lit the channukiah and Shabbat candles, together before departing for our Shabbat services.  Following our Kabbalat Shabbat services, either at the Kotel or at a local shul we all walked back to our hotel seeing thousands of...Read more...

Day Seven

12/23/2022 03:15:02 PM


Randi and Jeff Aaronson

Sunday morning, the Anshai crew woke up early to check out of our hotel in Jerusalem and head to the Negev desert. Our first stop was to pick up our tour guide, Josh, in his hometown of Ma’ale Adummin. He lives in a settlement on the very edge of Jerusalem. 

On our way down to the desert, we discussed various issues of the settlements, West Bank, and Bedouin communities....Read more...

Day Eight

12/22/2022 10:20:42 AM


Michael Acks

Monday started out with our first day in the north. We have made it North! The Ramot Resort welcomed us with a great dinner last night and an even better breakfast this morning. Upon our departure at 8:30am Mother Nature or maybe it was Moses parted the sky and the rain began to fall. 

Side note, while the rain was a minor inconvenience for us, it’s much needed here in...Read more...

Day Nine

12/21/2022 10:22:06 AM


Jordan Velevis (admirably representing the youngest generation!)

We woke up this morning to a perfectly clear sky following yesterday’s rain- a perfect day for visiting Har Ben-Tal, the highest point on the Golan Heights.  We could see Syria and Lebanon (even the suburbs of Damascus!) and learned about the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War. We made a special stop to get hot chocolate- thank you Josh-before our jeep tour of the Golan!

After lunch we went to Gamla (known as the Masada of the north), and our amazing tour guide, Josh said that the point of Judaism is appreciation. We learned about how Gamla was founded and excavated (amazing story). Afterwards, the last stop of the day we went to Tel Saki.  A soldier, Yaakov of the 188th, told us the story of the site- none of us will forget how he described the heroism of that event.  We went through a pitch-black bunker-luckily, we all made it out alive!!  We learned about specific soldiers, and the crafty things they did to stay alive (a Bobby pin kippa holder turned into a grenade pin!).  There we witnessed a beautiful sunset.  We came back and had a giant Israeli bbq feast!  Laila Tov.Read more...

Day Ten

12/20/2022 10:23:36 AM


Sara Rosen and Crew

We started today wishing a heartfelt L’hitraot to the Sea of Galilea as we made our way west toward the Galil.  The Galil received its name from our very own Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot. This isn’t entirely true (it’s actually completely false) but notice the similarities in their names. Intrigued? Look up their meanings. 

The Galil is home to...

Day Eleven

12/19/2022 10:26:13 AM


Rabbi Stefan Weinberg

The final day of our journey has arrived.  We awake to another unforgettable Israeli breakfast at our hotel, the Crowne Plaza on the Tel Aviv boardwalk. 

We check-out of the hotel for the final time as a group, store our luggage under the bus, and venture-out to our first stop of the day- Yaffo, also known as Jaffa.  Our outstanding guide, Josh points out a few...Read more...

Wed, February 1 2023 10 Shevat 5783